Financing Growth for Entrepreneurs


Financing Growth
for Entrepreneurs




Two Savvy Cyclists:

The owners of a young cycling apparel firm underwent substantial growth in product orders but had limited working capital.

Gateway arranged for a domestic letter of credit for a US-based package apparel supplier. The manufacturer, in turn, assigned a portion of the letter of credit proceeds to its fabric supplier so that when the merchandise was produced and shipped, the letters of credit paid the suppliers. Gateway collected the accounts receivable, repaid the letter of credit amounts and remitted the balance to the client company.

The company has now grown into a recognized force and market leader in cycling apparel.

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Gateway Trade Finance, LLC, provides reliable Purchase Order and Trade Financing to client companies, delivering the necessary working capital resources and inventory financing to fulfill unique sales opportunities.

Gateway's unique trade financing can provide up to 100% of the cost of pre-sold inventory, improving cash flow and reducing the need for additional equity investment.

In addition to Purchase Order financing, Gateway provides specialized transaction management assistance and expert advice on managing cash flow funding.

Gateway can provide domestic and international letters of credit to support import, export and domestic transactions and trade purchases.

Gateway and its predecessor, Production Finance International, LLC, have been financing businesses for nearly 15 years. Call Gateway today for Purchase Order funding needs from $50,000 to $5,000,000.